Friday, September 4, 2015

Labor Day 2015 | National Catholic Reporter

Labor Day 2015 | National Catholic Reporter by MSW. MGB: The labor-Church axis also  included government - in the end, Roosevelt.  Abortion is a sore point, but not a sticky one.  There was also a socialist movement who did not necessarily talk to the Church but was key to labor that needs to  be brought back into the conversation - indeed, a socialist economist like me or Richard Wollf would have been nice additions to either sponsored  program.

The  sticking point, of course, is dealing with teachers unions, which are the wind in the Democratic Party's pro-choice sails.  If the Church could realize that the political views of members off-the-clock are none of their business (and that Catholic teachers might just water down the NEA stridency in due course) - then  we  can trade collective bargaining  rights for a joint demand for public  funding and union level salaries. Its not the lack  of unions that make Catholic schools great - its the lack of central office meddling.  That won't go away with unions and public funds.  On labor, its time for the Church to walk the talk.

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